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It is no surprise to most people that health insurance is expensive and is continually getting more expensive as time goes on. The problem is that some insurance premiums are just too pricey for the average American to afford. The best way to afford health insurance without going into debt or having money problems is by comparing different companies and the different types of rates that they have going for them. You will find that this will help you save some money in the long run if you are able (more…)

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Insurance is a necessity for most people. You need insurance for your health, car and home. Insurance protects you against unexpected events that could cost you a lot of money. Health insurance is provided by most employers. If you need more coverage, you should talk to your human resource department. More insurance policies that you receive from work are flexible. You can often choose from a variety of policies to suit your individual needs. Car insurance is required by most states to protect you against (more…)

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It is never a good thing to find out that your car has been damaged in an accident. However, if a friend has been driving your car, will your insurance policy cover the damage? The good news is that the answer is yes in most cases.

Your Insurance Policy Covers Whoever Drives Your Car

An auto insurance policy covers your car regardless of who is driving. The only downside is that you will have to bear the consequences of the accident. Namely, you will have to deal with increased auto rates. If your friend caused any damage higher than the amount of insurance coverage that you have, you may be on the hook for those damages if your friend cannot pay.

What If Your Friend Didn’t Have Permission To Drive The Car?

If your friend didn’t have permission to drive your car, you may not be responsible for the damage done in an accident. However, you will have to prove that your friend didn’t have permission to drive the car. In some cases, it could mean that you have to report your car stolen. Do you really want to do that to a friend?

Shop For A New Insurance Policy After The Fact

An accident may push your rates higher than you can afford. The good news is that you can shop for insurance whenever you want. There is a good chance that at least one car insurance provider will give you a rate that you can live with. Drivers can go to to find competitive rates.

When a friend drives your car, you will be covered if anything should happen to the car. However, your insurance company will have to pay for the damages. This means that you may want to think twice before allowing your good friend to get behind the wheel of your vehicle.

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While insurance does not protect against accidents, it is instrumental in getting back to a good place after an incident. An alarm system protects a car from theft, but an insurance policy will help replace the car if it gets stolen anyway. Even with preventative measures, accidents, theft, vandalism and fire can happen to your home. Fire alarms will protect your life and get you out of harm’s way, but will not stop a fire from destroying your possessions. If your home is ravaged by fire, you could lose everything you own plus the roof over your head. (more…)

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Basic liability insurance is the least you can carry in most states. Many drivers opt for paying the minimum simply because they can. Unfortunately, when coverage limits are too low, there are often some serious financial consequences later.

Before you make a decision on how much coverage to have, it helps to understand just what a basic plan covers and what it does not.

Bodily injury

One part of a basic plan is coverage (more…)

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These days, many people have health insurance and a supplemental insurance in addition to it. Supplemental insurance serves a definite purpose that can make your life easier in certain ways. Generally, it is used to cover any procedures or treatment that is not covered by your regular health insurance. Supplemental health insurance can allow you to not have to worry about co-payments and deductibles that are tied to your regular insurance. It essentially covers expenses that your primary health insurance plan does not, including living expenses and income you may have lost.Additional information can be found (more…)

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Whether you are talking about flood insurance or extra medical coverage, investing in supplemental insurance policies can play an important role in creating a stable home for you and your family. There is no doubt that thinking about the possibility of a disaster or an emergency striking your household can be terrifying, but ignoring it can be even worse in the long run. Life is unpredictable, so it’s very important to protect yourself and your loved ones from forces that you simply can’t control. You shouldn’ (more…)

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Some of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when choosing an insurance plan is excluding a separate flood policy. Your house doesn’t have to sit in a flood zone or at the waterfront to be vulnerable to flooding. Floods can happen practically anywhere, and they can be devastating. Water can damage everything in your home including your most valuable possessions and irreplaceable family keepsakes. Without a flood insurance policy to cover your losses, you are putting your home in a lot of potential danger. In the best case scenario, flood damage can cost you a lot of money that belongs (more…)